Monday, June 28, 2010

See These Bags?

These are the signs that I have a toddler. A toddler who decided last night, after nearly 23 months, that rain and thunder were scary. The fact that I can't move my shoulder this morning? Proof that I spent many hours sleeping on the floor next to his crib with my hand on his head (we couldn't both fit very well in the crib and he wouldn't sleep on the floor with me).

Nothing like a shrieking chorus of "rannin! rannin! thunner! thunner!" to wake you from a peaceful slumber just after midnight. Even worse when you look at the clock and realize you have fewer than five hours of sleep left.

Caffeine drip, please. At least the Yankees won last night.


  1. poor thing. You're a good mom for sleeping on his floor! R woke up last week on vacation to storms (we all did). Every time it thundered he sat up and said " bye, bye hunder" (he ended up in bed with me)

  2. Yep Gav is there too. Decided 2 months ago that he's afraid of "boom booms" (his name for thunder)



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