Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bye Bye Big Butter Jesus

I don't even know where to go with this one! For those of you not familiar with this Cincinnati landmark, a church up the road put up a massive, 60 foot statue of jesus a few years back. Since it's unveiling, parody songs and blogs have sprung up everywhere and people come from all over the country to gawk at Big Butter, or Touchdown, Jesus. True story! When my sister brought her friends to visit from NYC, BBJ was one of the highlights of their trip. People posed in front of it, photoshopped accessories onto it, and came together over the hilarity of it all.

Alas, Jeeebus is no more. It was struck by lighting during a storm last night. An act of god. If there is a god, apparently she thought it was an ugly statue, too. All that remains is a Terminator-like skeleton.

How creepy is that? And so, in tribute to the Jeeebus that once towered over Interstate 75, leaving people wondering WTF is wrong with Cincinnatians, I leave you with one last chorus of Big Butter Jesus. Take it away.

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