Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wish List Wednesday - GEEK VERSION!

As always, brought to you by The Foster Family, and as usual, a day late.

This week's topic is geeky things! I love geeky things. Between me and Charlie we're already on our way to geekdom, but it could go oh, so much farther.

This pi dish has been on my list for a long time.

I found myself wishing yet again that I had this piece when I was searching for a pie plate for my cranberry apple thanksgiving pie.

I also love this Evolvem - it's a stuffed animal that transforms to evolve from a fish to a dino. Pretty sweet!

Can you imagine Baby C bringing that conversation piece with him to daycare?

Then there are these Star Wars stuffed animals:

How can you go wrong with a cuddly R2D2?

Finally, the Super Mario Chess Set:

I love the Koopa Troopa shells as pawns. There's also a NES Monopoly that would be pretty awesome to play, too.


  1. Ok I love the Super Mario chess set. However Kyle thinks that the pawns should be goombas and toadstools. "You can't get more pawn than a goomba." --Kyle G.

  2. Blast - I can't see the pics here at work :( But I have a cuddly R2 and he's awesome.

    You MUST post your Christmas letter!



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