Monday, December 28, 2009

I'm not angry at god

Apparently someone misunderstands my lack of religious orientation with an anger at their own god. I'm not angry at god. How could I possibly be angry at an entity if I don't even know for sure that it exists?

I don't understand the disrespect that I get from other people in my life who take my viewpoint as an attack on their own. I never start the conversation, I actually don't bring it up at all. I certainly never try to push my own views on others who are strong in their faith. I don't judge people who are faithful to a religion (in fact, I envy them at times, but that's another post). So why the judgment towards me? Why assume that just because I don't attend a christian church or subscribe to christian beliefs that it means I'm "angry at god?" Why not just accept the fact that I don't have the same beliefs as you? I wonder, if I was jewish or muslim rather than agnostic, would they still make the same comments? Would they still try to convince me that I'm "following the wrong path?"

Why is it that people feel as though they have the right to question and criticize those of us who don't claim a specific religion as our own? It drives me crazy that people actually think they can change someone's personal beliefs. What goes on in my own head and how my spiritualism operated is no one's business but my own.

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  1. Seriously?!?! Someone attacked you for that? I'm just one of those lucky people that does believe in God and I consider myself lucky for that. Not sure how it happened that I have such a strong belief - but I'm glad I do. Sorry that someone felt it necessary to bash you for something they didn't understand. That was wrong. But - I suppose it's easier to bash then to try and understand someone else's take and position. Actually, in bashing you - they, themselves, are choosing not to be christian like, as it is not up to us to judge others.



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