Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Child is a Biter

Well, not really, it's only happened once. Apparently he bit one of the other kids in daycare yesterday. They don't tell you who the "victim" was, but they did tell me that it wasn't my co-worker's kid. How awkward would that have been?

I'm guessing he did it because he was tired and cranky. He's been sleeping in until 8:30 for the last four days, while we were on vacation. I know that I had a pretty hard time getting out of bed to go to work, so I imagine he's feeling about the same way. He had a complete meltdown later in the evening. (Is it awful that I snapped a picture while he screamed? I couldn't help myself, you can almost feel the patheticness of his situation)

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He's never bitten anyone but me, so I'm hoping that this was a very isolated incident. At least it was someone his own age, and not one of the smaller ones.

I feel awful that my kid is "the biter" :(

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  1. Don't worry. The biting incidents are almost ALWAYS harder on the biters parents than the bitees parents.

    I'm just happy to be a SAHM right now. Judging by how much he bites us at home, if he were in daycare, it would be a bloodbath.

    Don't worry, it's very age appropriate and probably a one-time thing.



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