Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Suck

I fell down the stairs tonight while carrying Baby C. It was only the last two steps, my foot just slipped right out from under me. It all happened in slow motion, I tried to keep him up in the air but I just couldn't keep him upright enough to stop him from hitting the ground and he banged his head on the floor. I hit my back on the edge of the step so I have a nice bruise and he has a goose egg.

After the drama he ate dinner, we played on the floor, went for a walk, and he had his bath. He seemed to be ok, but I decided to be "that mom" and called the on-call pediatrician. They said to watch for vomiting and lethargy, and if he presents with either of those symptoms I need to call back. Unfortunately, he went to sleep at bedtime so I can't really watch for lethargy, but he hasn't vomited at all and he seems like his normal self. It looks like I'll be enjoying a sleepless night of worrying and checking.

I'm so freaking lucky, these things always seem to happen when C is out of town. Fevers, ear infections, vaccinations, the whole gamut. I feel like such an awful mom :(


  1. Blog Stalker here... anyway, just wanted to say to not beat yourself up about it. Seriously, we ALL bang our kids up and then beat ourselves up about it afterwards. Do not feel too bad!

  2. You are NOT an awful Mom. These things happen, it's not your fault. Just cut yourself some slack and know that he's perfectly fine.

    Wait til he starts walking/running. He's going to have so many bruises and bumps - most of which he won't even notice getting or hanving.

  3. Oh Jene' you DO NOT SUCK!! I don't know if you remember when Caroline was only a couple of months old, I tripped and she fell out of my arms onto the concrete behind our condo. Ran inside called Kev & told him I was taking her to the ER, THEN decided to call the DR. who told me to bring her to the office. Forgot to call Kev back and he checked every freaking ER until we got home. Obviously she was fine and even the Dr. told us his little one fell out of his stroller (while strapped in) as they were walking in NYC - so it does happen to everyone - DO NOT - I REPEAT DO NOT do the guilt thing. Thank God he is fine; that's all that matters. Shit happens.

  4. Relax, I dropped my kid sister almost just like that once, and she turned out far more normal than all three brothers ;p. Seriously though, like Jeanne says (thanks Jeanne), shit happens. You're not guilty.



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