Monday, January 14, 2013

22 Week Appointment

So I got a "not a good idea" in regards to running a full marathon at 38 weeks. I'm really bummed, because i feel like i could definitely cover the distance, even if it's just a jog/walk. He said to stick to the Half. So two OBs and two midwives said "go ahead," but the one Big Fat No is enough to keep me away, i guess.

I was also told to lose the navel ring - in fact, he went ahead and took it out for me right then and there. Awkward! Probably not a good look for a 30-something year old with two kids, anyway.

They sent me home with the fabulous glucose test drink - fruit punch, this time. Sweeeeeeeet. Literally ;)

But it wasn't all bad, my co-workers brought me this lovely box of candy after our lunch outing. Chocolate makes everything better!



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