Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back in the DC

God, I love it here.

I'm in town for a Health GIS conference.

My Geek Crush, Todd Park, gave the keynote address today. I love him. How could you not love someone who gets so excited about DATA? Plus, he ended his speech with "...And may the Force always be with you." Swooooooooooon.

I had hoped to do some sightseeing this time around, since my trips mostly consist of the inside of my hotel room and the inside of our DC office building, but it's been pouring since I stepped off the plane. I did get a nice 6-mile run in. It was wet, but I always enjoy running in new places.

If you're just lost without me today, check out my recap of the Cheetah Run over on my running blog. I'll give you a sneak preview: It sucked.


  1. I've enjoyed many trips to DC.  It reminds me of European cities.  I got to stay around DuPont circle which is a nice place.

  2. I love DuPont Circle - that's where our DC office is, right next to the Ben & Jerry's. In Arlington this time around, but it's still nice.



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