Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Whoop whoop!

So while the class was over and the studying was behind me, I didn't feel like I could truly relax about it until I had seen my grade. I checked obsessively starting on Saturday morning, when I nearly had a heart attack because I saw an "I/F" grade staring me in the face, and it took me a few minutes to get used to the new interface and figure out that the I/F was from spring quarter of 2008, when I foolishly thought I could study for prelims while on maternity leave. Once that scare was over, I logged in multiple times a day, worried that maybe they had lost my registration and that I wasn't *actually* registered for class, and wondered if they'd let me re-do the final or make me take the whole class over again if I failed. And then finally, after much stress and anxiety, my grade was posted.

Hallelujah! Apparently I must have struck some kind of awful bargain with a higher power, because then this happened...


Is this punishment because I spit out communion when I was 7? If they start winning Super Bowls, does that mean I need to convert back to a religion?


  1. congrats on the 'A' - you spit out communion?  If you need an excuse tell everyone that if they were going offer you wine you would have swallowed.  Too bad they didn't have the Olympics back when Jesus was around because he have gold medal in all the freestyle swimming races.  Look he's running on the water! 



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