Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Old Lady in a Bar

I feel like the last month has just been a lesson in "you are no longer a spring chicken." From the Sparkle Girls Night Out to the whole Back-to-School deal, I suddenly feel like my college days were eons ago and that I'm completely out of touch with "youth culture." Not that it's a problem, it's just funny how we obviously get older every day, and it's not until you find yourself in a situation where you are one of the oldEST that you realize just how much time has actually passed.

GNO consisted of an evening dinner and drinks. We met up for dinner at a reasonable hour, and left the restaurant a few hours later, thanks to craptastically slow service that resulted in 10 30-something women playing the "penis game." Because we're mature. We headed a few blocks over to the collection of bars that make up Mt. Adams. They were all empty. Well, I take that back - they weren't all empty, they were mostly empty with a smattering of older people - but no music, no activity. We went from place to place and eventually ended up at a bar called The Pavillion.

This is the last time I was at Pavillion:


Of course, there's no one at Pavillion, either, and we can't figure out why Mt. Adams is totally empty, until someone looks at their watch and realized that it's only 9:30. Flashback to college years, when the pre-party didn't even begin until 10. The party hadn't even started, and we were ready to go to bed. Instant realization - we ARE the older people (** insert twilight zone music here **).

We got our beers and danced anyway, to songs that I've never heard of. All was going along well, when suddenly I heard the opening sounds of a very familiar song.

(side note: all of the scenes in color are from the NKOTB: Live in LA concert. I may have owned it. On VHS.)

Oh, snap. Did the DJ just call us out for being OLD??

He followed it up with another classic:

It was ON. He laughed at us and said that he feels old in that bar, too, because ZOMG, he was twenty-freaking-THREE! But it was ok, because he then proceeded to spin us a flipping sweet mix of the best late 90s dance music, ever.

It was a lovely night out with the ladies. Now, all I need to do is come to terms with the fact that I am "That Old Lady" that my friends used to point and giggle about, who thinks she and her girlfriends are hot stuff out on the dance floor. Whatevs. At least I still have my dignity, which is more than I can say for some of the girls we saw. Culottes? Really?

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  1. That's hilarious that he called you guys out ;)

    Btw, we totally started a round (multiple rounds) of the penis game while waiting for the midnight release of the last HP movie. At one point nearly half the crowd was playing with us. Yep, we're those 30 year olds!



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