Saturday, January 14, 2012

Do you Tebow?

I'm part of the minority - I'm not a Tebow fan. Not even the tiniest bit. I'm super torn today because Tebow and his team are going to New England to play the Patriots. The only team for which my loathing even comes close to approximating my hatred for the red sox. What's a New York sports fan to do?

And because going back to class has re-activated my Sociological Imagination, here's some food for thought - What if Tim Tebow were Muslim?


  1. as I write this comment it 42 to 7 so I guess you don't need to worry about Tebow until next season.  I wish religion didn't bring such strong feelings from people.  If we could only quiet the loud extremes from all the religions it would be much easier.

  2. Jillianwilliams703January 17, 2012 at 9:21 AM

    This is what John says about Tebow: He’s incredibly inaccurate. He over-throws the ball, he under throws the ball, his release is slow, his spirals are wobbly. He’s had a lot of good luck this season because he forced Denver to adopt the college option style of play, something you don’t see in the NFL. Now that teams have seen it, they know how to beat it. It’s great that he got the start. I even started him on my fantasy team, but I’m not fooled by a lucky play-off birth and a win against a beat-up Steelers team as any sort of validation. The kid has grit and grit goes a long way, but when you’re up against elite teams like the Patriots, he looks completely out of his depth. 

    To this comment someone responded "Don't be a hater." Sigh. A well thought out response to why Tebow is not a great football player and someone STILL says he's a 'hater'. (and for the record, John HATES the Patriots) 



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