Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Fragments

It's been a while! I'm ready to celebrate Friday, old-school :)

Friday Fragments is brought to you by Mrs4444!

Mommy's Idea

I am WHIPPED. Work has been a total blur the last few weeks, and I'm ready for the grant proposals to be out and the workload to drop back down to a manageable pace. I have grand plans for February, including working on a new definition of Food Deserts and creating a Food Access and Nutrition data portal on our website. I'm hoping to spin that into a dissertation topic. I'm sure I'll talk about that more than you care to hear!

I forgot how time-consuming school is, and all of the little piles of suck that go along with graduate-level education. That's a post for a different day :)

I'm officially back in marathon-training mode. Had a bit of a stop and start with the DC Marathon, which I've decided not to do, so I took 2 weeks off to let some shin splints heal and I have 12 miles on the calendar for tomorrow.

Jorge Posada retired this week. I know most of you don't give a rat's about Yankee baseball, but I'm really going to miss the Jeter-Posada-Mo trio.

Charlie got a haircut this weekend. I thought it made him look a lot older. Yesterday, when I went to pick him up from school, he had just started painting a watercolor picture. I sat down with him so that he could finish up. He did a really great job rinsing the brush between colors and not digging around in the paint tray. When he was done with his masterpiece, he cleaned up the tray, sponged off the table, emptied the dirty water, refilled the bowl with fresh water for the next kid, and hung up his smock. He's certainly not a baby anymore (sob!).

You're never too old for mom to drop off surprise cupcakes!

Enjoy your weekend! I hope to be relaxing on the couch with a vodka/cranberry and a cupcake later on tonight.

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  1. vodka cranberry - what you going healthy or something?  You know beer is more nutritious.  Are you going to put liquid deserts into your website work?



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