Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments is brought to you by Mrs4444!

Mommy's Idea

Snow. Again. Yuck. 6-car pileups, icy overpasses, and a narrowly avoided crashing of my own car. Come ON, bring on spring already!

I realized the other day that I've become my grandmother. Well, kind of, anyway. I always used to think how funny it was to see my grandmother wearing sneakers with her nice work clothes. She carried her "work shoes" to change into once she was done with the train station/train ride/walk to work. I realized it when I caught my own reflection in the elevator door, sneakers on with my suit pants and collared shirt, heels in a bag over my shoulder. Funny how that works.

Random grocery cart mashup:

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Yes, that's a case of gatorade, a bottle of wine, two pints of Ben & Jerry's, and a mini bag of cheetos. That's what happens when you stop at the grocery store after a 7-mile run to grab something that's on sale (the gatorade, which I really don't particularly like, but it's been effective on my long runs).

One of the funniest things on the web this week:

A nice example of social media gone bad, courtesy of The Consumerist. I was confused because it didn't say as the originating site.

I had my first run in serious rain on Wednesday, a very long, very wet 7 miles. Torrential downpours at times. It sucked just as bad as I thought it would.

Are you excited for March Madness? I used to be a huge fan of college basketball, but then my team's head coach was canned and we started losing. Badly. As in, it's been years since our last NCAA tournament appearance. So I haven't watched in years, because what's the point when you have no horse in the race?

This year, we're projected to be back in action! We'll just pretend that they didn't get their asses handed to them by ND last night, OK?

Cheer Cincinnati!

Happy Friday! Oh, and for those of you who asked, my race last weekend went very well. You can read the details here. Half Marathon next Sunday!!


  1. you know if typical guys wore high heels, you would see them switching shoes at work too. However I seriously doubt you'll see many guys ever wearing heels.
    I can and usually do, wait until the final four to get interested.

  2. I haven't followed UC sports in a few years (football or basketball). I LOVED it though, so keep telling myself I'm gonna pay more attention, have told FireMan that I think season tickets would be a good family activity, etc. He's not buying it.
    Do have Homecoming already on my calendar though (Oct 15 - vs Louisville - Paul Brown Stadium)

  3. Oh my goodness you run SEVEN miles? I thought I was doing good walking or bike riding 4 miles!

    I have a brand new pair of sneakers that I bought like 6 months ago and haven't worn yet- I have lived in my $12.00 (buy one get one- 1/2 off) boots all winter!

    I'm visiting from Friday Fragments.

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    Have a splendid day!



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