Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What was I thinking?

If you ever catch me saying something like this again:

It's officially fall, but the high today is 91. WTF, Cincinnati? I want my cool weather.

Come find me and slap me. Then remind me how frigid a high of 22 degrees is. Of course, all Charlie wants to do is play outside. I caved and let him out for a whopping five minutes so that he could try out his tricycle, which was a very late birthday present. How could I say no?

He did have gloves on, but they only lasted about 30 seconds. I went to the store to buy him some of those little glove clippy things. You know, the ones that look like claws that attach to coat sleeves? Do those even have a proper name? I literally asked the salesperson where I could find the "little glove clippy things." That's special.


  1. Brrr! That is cold! It's cold here, but not quite as bad as that.

  2. Love it :)

    I can find nothing redeemable about winter, unless you're a bear and hibernate the whole time.

  3. Keep telling yourself at least you don't have snow! We do and we are hibernating until May...possibly June.

  4. I've been ready to move south for years now. Still trying to convince my wife. I HATE the cold.

  5. I am planning an eco-friendly baby shower for my sister, and, trying so hard to think of different things to do. Anyway...... I came up with a wishing well where each guest will be asked to bring one organic jar of baby food, but I don't know how to present it in invitations or at the shower? I searched and searched the internet and could NOT find anything to help, hoping you ladies can!!!!!!



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