Thursday, November 4, 2010


Oh my god, they're back again! And the Backstreet Boys reference is a clue to who they're touring with. That's right, none other than the runner-up in the late 90s boy-band competition - The Backstreet Boys. Now I have to say that I'm not a fan of the BSB. Yes, I had the CD, but I honestly don't remember where it came from or why I had it. I wouldn't say that I was a fan of NSYNC, either, but if I was held down and forced to choose between the two, NSYNC would have won out simply because of Justin Timberlake.

But I'll go see it anyway, in any venue within a 5-hour radius of my house. For NKOTB, not for BSB.

Here's the promotional graphic, in all its glory.

As a side note, I don't really like that Donnie had to share his letter in the lineup. Out of the entire Fab 5, if anyone deserves their own letter, it's him.

Danny could have shared the letter. What does he even do, anyway? He was never the best looking of the bunch, that's for sure.

I'm totally kidding, BTW. Or maybe I'm not. Not about Donnie, anyway. Give him his own damn letter.

(I also feel the need to mention that my excitement for going to another NKOTB show doesn't reflect my actual taste in music. I'm more of a Goldfinger / Rage Against the Machine / Beastie Boys kind of girl. Just saying....)


  1. Oh...Donnie. Do you watch Blue Bloods? He's on there with Tom Selleck. Seriously -- how can you go wrong there? He's so hot.

  2. Luckily we already have shirts made up and everything. I see no reason to ruin them by putting any BSB references. :-)

  3. I hope they are coming somewhere near me! Saw them 2 years ago NKOTB,, not BSB. And they were AMAZING!!!



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