Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How I'll Celebrate My EPing Goal

I've been fantasizing about this for months now. Replace the copier with my Medela PISA, and you've got what I consider to be a perfect celebration.

I'm so tired of being tied to the stupid pump. I dropped to four times a day a few months back, which felt life-changing from 5 times, but now it's getting old again. The next step is to drop to three, which I'm planning to do at the end of this month, but that's not going to change my early morning or pre-bed sessions, and those are the two that I hate the most.

Poor baby C has an ear infection, so I was home with him Monday afternoon and all day yesterday. C was out of town (working!) and it was really hard to pump and entertain him at the same time. He boycotted his naps, so that made it even worse. Luckily he's feeling much better today. I thought that nothing could possibly be more difficult than getting a cat to take a pill. I was SO wrong. Baby C is on the "pink stuff," a medication that I remember not-so-fondly from my own childhood. It still smells as bad as it did then, like a mixture of chalk and bubble-gum. You'd think they would have come up with something better by now.


  1. Ick, I remember the pink stuff. I just had a flashback of the smell and taste just now.

    It never tasted like bubblegum, what a lie!

  2. Love the picture!
    Hope BC is feeling better soon and YEA for C working!!



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