Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ferber Night 6

Last night we reached the Holy Grail - Baby Charlie slept through the night! Went down around 7:45 with a little bit of whining, but it's now 5:30 and he's still sleeping!

Unfortunately I can't take advantage of the situation because I'm headed off to the goat rodeo that is the Mom's of Multiples Semi-Annual Used Baby Crap Sale. I'm planning to get there by 7:30 and that makes me a straggler. Moms line up for this thing at 6 o'freaking clock! I'm not hoping to score anything huge, so I don't need to punish myself that badly.


  1. Awesome! It sounds like Baby C has finally figured out the nitetime is sleep time! Now you can get your sleep.

    Hope you score something good at your goat rodeo today!

  2. Yay!! Send Baby C up here to teach Davis how to sleep, LOL.

    I hope you find some good stuff at the sale today.



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