Tuesday, January 13, 2009


So both Charlies have colds. I'm lucky enough to have been spared the sickness, but we all know how men and babies are when they're sick - exactly the same. (no offense to my male readers, or to my husband, who is generally awesome, but for some reason a case of the sniffles renders you basically helpless)

Where does that leave me? Trying to pump at 10:00 at night, an hour past when I'm supposed to do it, and having to do one side at a time because I'm trying to hold the baby upright so he can breathe through his nose. It also leaves me still awake at 11:00, because it took twice as long to pump as it should have, with a still awake baby who still can't breathe through his nose but really wants his pacifier. Obviously, a stuffed-up nose is incompatible with a pacifier.

Around midnight, after an hour of snorting, coughing, and pacifier-spitting-out while sitting in my lap, I decided to prop up the crib mattress and try to get some sleep. I successfully created an incline that I hoped would allow the snot to drain out, put him down in the crib, turned to leave the room, and he decided that he was hungry. Again. Much in the same way that pacifiers don't work so well with a stuffy nose, bottle-feeding is also pretty much impossible. So from midnight until 1:00 we worked on getting the bottle down, interrupted by snorts, coughs, and breathing breaks. He finally fell asleep while eating, so I put him in the crib and snuck back to my own bed.

10 minutes later he was up again, so I decided to just camp out on the floor in his room for the rest of the night rather than bothering to get comfy in my own space and then having to drag my ass back down the hall every time the monitor started screeching. He was up every 10 minutes or so, miserable without the pacifier, miserable with it because he couldn't breathe. Someone needs to invent one that doesn't restrict mouth breathing. He doesn't usually even need the damn thing, he's been sleeping without it for weeks now.

Hopefully tonight will be better.


  1. aww poor charlie(s). For your sake I hope that they get much better soon!

  2. Aw, Gavin just got a little cold too the other day. I feel SOO bad for him & me. He has been sleeping awful! And his little nose is so stuffy & yes the bottle/paci thing sucks. Here is hoping they both get better soon!

  3. Propping the mattress worked really well for Reece. Another thing to try are some baby saline drops (ask your pedi) - Reece HATES when we put them in, but they totally let you suck all the snot out. He was then able to eat and fall asleep for more than 30 minutes! Good luck, it will hopefully get better soon!



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