Wednesday, October 12, 2011

30 while 30 - The Sewing Project

One of the tasks on my 30 by 30 list was to sew something. I purposely left it vague and open-ended, knowing my own history of crafty disasters. There was the time I tried to sew cow-print pajama pants, the time I tried to sew the holes on my jeans, the time I tried to hem my own pants, the time I tried to sew the hems on the curtains... I could go on. Stitch-witchery (the white tape that you use to iron-bond things together) is my best friend.

Growing up, my mom was the queen of craft. You name it, she could do it. She really shined on Halloween. While everyone else went to Bradlee's (like kmart, today) to get their cheap-o plastic Halloween costumes, my mom would go all out and create real works of art. She made costumes out of boxes and scraps and paint and glue and paper mache. I think the two best were my brother as an astronaut and my brother as the Empire State Building. I need to try to dig up some pictures. I wasn't as creative in the costume idea department - I went as a witch, a cat, a ballerina, a cheerleader. How boring. I think the worst one was the year I insisted as going as St. Lucia.

What, you don't know who St. Lucia is? Don't feel bad, neither did the rest of my 5th grade class. Or the people who answered their doors while we trick-or-treated.

Does this jog your memory?

I must have said "Swedish Patron Saint of Light" a million times. I should have just gone as a princess.


So now I have a kid of my own, so of course I'm continuing the tradition of handmade costumes, right? Sort of. Yes, they're handmade (with the exception of Brobee last year, because a friend offered to let Charlie borrow it), but my mom is still the one doing the making. Well, this year I decided that I was going to do it myself. Charlie wants to be a Jedi for Halloween. How hard could a brown robe be?

I searched the all-knowing Google for a pattern and found an Easy Jedi Robe, spent an hour at the fabric store trying to figure out the difference between cotton and broadcloth, measured, cut, and pinned, and bribed my neighbor with pumpkin chocolate chip cookies to bring over her sewing machine.

We were going for the Obi-Wan look.

I think we came pretty close. Maybe add a belt around the middle, and we're good to go.


  1. Hey, that's brilliant!  I think your mum's talent has rubbed off  on you - way to go, girl!

  2. He's looking good.  Yeah add a big belt and maybe color his face.
    So did St. Lucia have her candles lit?



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