Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Pump N' Grind

There are few things weirder than going topless in the office.

Granted, I'm in a closet-like workspace with a lock on the door, but still, topless. Weeeeeeeeeeeird.

Breastfeeding was been a big "thing" for me while I was pregnant. I had all kinds of issues with Charlie - bad latch, lazy eater, sleepy baby, weight loss - the end result of which was me being 100% chained to the pump. I still provided him with a full year of breastmilk, which I file away as a great personal accomplishment. This time I wanted things to be different! And, so far, they are. I would EP again for Em in a heartbeat, but it's so much easier this time. I can just grab her and go - no need to worry about dragging the pump along, finding time to fit in enough pumping sessions to maintain my supply, finding a relatively private space to plug in (pumping isn't something I'd want to expose the general public to). I can just pop out the boob and pop on the baby. It's wonderful!

But the pumping at work part? That, I could do without. The walls are thin here. I think that's one of the top 3 worst parts about working motherhood.


  1. I'm grateful we have a mother's room in my office building if I'm ever in your shoes. Would be curious to hear what the other 2 things in the top 3 worst parts about working motherhood are...

  2. I've heard these devices have gotten quite high tech. Good that it's all working out better this time around. Not a big area of knowledge for me but it does make sense for a healthier approach.

  3. So glad BF is going well for you. :)



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