Tuesday, December 11, 2012

17 Weeks - Onion

I don't peel or chop onions, my spectacular husband is the cook in our house so he usually takes care of the dirty work while I concentrate on the green veggies. Did you know that you can get the onion smell off of your hands by rubbing them with stainless steel?


How far along: 17 weeks

Total weight gain: According to the OB, 5 pounds. I think it's closer to 7

Maternity clothes: Still just the shirts. Many of them are still a little too big. Back into the bigger bras though, for sure :/

Stretch marks: Nope

Sleep: It comes and goes. The dreams are more annoying than the wakefulness

Best moment of this week: Charlie learning that he can "talk to" his sister. He's been whispering things at my belly about playing XBOX and Star Wars when she comes out to play.

Miss anything: Having some drinks at the company Christmas party

Exercise: Running, P90X - I think I'm done with the treadmill. My treadmill runs are slower and harder, and for no good reason. I also had to stop 1.5 miles in on Saturday to change my shoes - apparently my feet are already growing.

Movement: Still just "pretty sure"

Food cravings: Egg, cheese, and salami sandwiches. We're on four days in a row...

Anything making you queasy or sick: Chicken. Unless it's in nugget form - those sound reeeeeeeeally good right now

Happy or moody most of the time: That song that I just missed last week ("Into the Dark") came on while I was driving home from work yesterday. Cue the tears. The only network TV drama I still watch has the Christmas episode tonight - just watching the preview had me sobbing. If they kill off a main character I'm going to lose it. I don't think this one will be treadmill-friendly!
Looking forward to: Cookie Swap on Friday! I LOVE cookies. Doesn't matter what kind. Well, that's not true - I don't like those ritz crackers dipped in chocolate that people try to pass off as cookies. What's up with that? I'll be whipping up a batch of Nutella Chocolate Chips. Nutella is the real reason for the season ;)


  1. "rubbing them with stainless steel" - that sounds difficult - you rub your hands on your pans?  run to a Chipotle Mexican Grill and run your hands on their walls?  Changing diapers could replace the smell.  One more item now that your post flipped a few neurons on - the onion idea could be used more than once for this - from those littler green onions to a full blown Outback bloomin onion.

  2. Nutella is bliss. Preach! I'll be googling that recipe directly. Happy onion week!! :)

  3. I could only eat chicken in nugget form when I was pregnant too! I wonder why that is??



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