Friday, June 10, 2011

Some Recent Addictions

I haven't done a "Things I Like" post in a really long time, so I figured what the heck? I'll do one today.

Current food obsession: Watermelon

Whole Foods has had some reeeeeeally good watermelons this season. We've gone through a whole one every week, four in total. It's so refreshing after a hot day, and I like to eat it after exercising because 150 grams (which is a decent serving of watermelon!) only has about 45 calories. Yum!

Current tech obsession: My Color Nook

Really, I love this thing.

I went with the Color Nook over the Kindle because I read a lot of library books, I like to read magazines, and when I have the time, I plan to use a MicroSD card to dual boot it with the Android OS and use it as a tablet. I also love how much more I'm reading now, because I pretty much always have it with me. In the last month, I've read Kitchen Confidential, Water for Elephants, How to Run, The Help, and Framing Innocence. I just started Decision Points and I have The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth waiting for me, next. The best part? They've all been library books! It's going to be great for the summer trips we've got lined up.

Current Internet Obsession: Pinterest

You know how you always find the coolest stuff when you're clicking through the interwebs? And you think "hey, I should totally (do, bake, create, buy, show someone) that?" So you add it to your Bookmarks menu? And then it just sits there, forgotten. No more! Pinterest is like an online bulletin board where you can stick stuff that you like. It's more graphics-oriented in nature, so I'll stick with ReadItLater for pages that I actually want to read, rather than drool over.

Leave a note in the comments if you want an invite!

Current Sports Obsession: The NBA Finals

Yes, you read that right. The NB-freaking-A. I hate the NBA. I'm not a fan of any team. I find it tedious to watch. But I'm absolutely obsessed with the Miami Heat right now, more specifically, with LeBron James. I'm team LBJ, for sure. I just want to see him get the ring. This series is stressing me out, and I have no loyalty to either team! I don't understand where this is coming from all of a sudden. Maybe my brain is trying to distract me from the fact that the Yankees were just swept by the red sux, and that my son sings "root, root, root for the redlegs!" when he's singing Take me out to the Ballgame. Damn peer socialization.

ETA: I'm not actually WATCHING the games, just keeping track of scores next to the Yankee box scores and listening with a pit in my stomach to Mike & Mike's coverage the next morning. I haven't fallen that far.

Current Potentially Inflamatory Obsession: I'm Voting Tea Party

I may have to get this shirt for the next election cycle.

Really, I love almost everything by Amorphia Apparel.

So there you have it. Another collection of Things I Like. I have a 10K race tomorrow morning - wish me luck breaking my freak PR of 54:28 from earlier this year. I kind of doubt it will happen. I still don't know how I managed that one.


  1. I've been resisting Pinterest because I'm worried it'll totally suck me into the internet even more than I'm already online...

    I can't believe you're watching the NBA... But I guess that's why Yankee fans have to do when they get swept by the Sox :P

  2. Oh no you didn't!

    If it makes you feel better, I'm not actually WATCHING the games. Just added it to my ESPN app to keep track of, listening to the Mike & Mike coverage, the stuff I couldn't really avoid, anyway.

    If you do sign up for Pinterest, you'll see a very familiar cupcake link pinned to one of my boards ;)

  3. I adore watermelon! And my Kindle- ours was a gift, so we didn't pick, but I'm happy with it.
    I just joined pintrest, but haven't gotten around to actually checking it out.

  4. Watermelon is the one melon I like.
    Sadly I'm not sure tea bag party people understand irony or sarcasm.
    good luck running

  5. I, too, really love some good fruit!  I think we are already Pintrest friends....right?

  6. Yes, I believe we are! The peaches have been pretty amazing lately, too.

  7. My mother-in-law is a tea partier, and sarcasm is certainly lost on her. That's why I break out the commemorative Obama plate every time she pays us a visit - she thinks I went out and bought it as a serious purchase, but someone at work gave it to me as a joke.

  8. It's addicting! The watermelon AND pinterest. I'll look for you!



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