Thursday, October 29, 2009

Reminder to Myself

You don't need to do it all.

Our office halloween party is tomorrow and I signed up to bring a kitty little cake. I've been DYING to make one of these ever since I came across it on a blog a few years ago. I also want to make sugar cookies to give to Baby C's little cul-de-sac buddies for trick-or-treating. I made the dough on Saturday and figured I would cut the cookies and bake them Wednesday night (which I did), make the kitty litter cake for work tonight, and then frost the sugar cookies tomorrow. I went to kroger at lunch to buy the ingredients for the kitty litter cake, and as I was standing in the aisle I began to wonder how much I really cared. Do I really want to spend the evening baking cakes? Not really. So I put the butter back on the shelf and picked up a gallon of pumpkin ice cream, instead.

Sugar cookies will be plenty for this halloween.

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