Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kids are Weird

I posted a few weeks ago about how bathtime had become such a horrific event in our house - the minute Baby C heard the water running he would throw a complete tantrum and scream and flail and stiffen his arms and legs so we couldn't easily get him into the tub, and refuse to sit down once he was actually in the tub, and scream throughout the entire ordeal.

Last night he ran over to the side of the tub when he heard the water running, tried to climb in on his own, splashed and played the whole time he was in there, and whined when it was time to get out.

How weird is that?


  1. ha ha ha! So funny! It's like all of the sudden, it's fun to be clean. (Thankfully Reece has always loved the bath)

  2. Kids are weird! I didn't realize that until I had one. One day they hate something, the next day it is the best thing ever.



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