Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

Birthdays aren't as exciting anymore once you pass the 21st. I remember how excited I used to get around birthdays - they were almost as good as christmas. You'd start getting antsy about it the week before, gleefully anticipating your big birthday bash, complete with your bestest buddies and (hopefully!) ice cream cake from DQ with the chocolate crunchies in the middle. You'd get no sleep the night before, as you imagined how cool it would be the next day when you got to serve birthday cupcakes to your classmates and maybe, just maybe, get a shiny iridescent pencil emblazoned with "Happy Birthday" to use for the rest of the month. Just that pencil itself could be good enough, with the unscuffed eraser and the unsharpened point. So much potential for great things out of that perfect pencil! The birthday kid always got special treatment, even if it just meant clapping erasers after lunch or being line leader or kickball captain.

I think companies should include your birthday on the list of paid holidays. That would add some excitement back into the day. I've gone from home birthday parties to roller rink parties to giant sleepover bashes to keg parties, and now I've arrived at the ultimate in adult celebration - a family-friendly trip to the ice cream shop, complete with my other mom buddies and their toddlers. Who needs a birthday tiara when you've got little chocolate-covered hands waiting to give you a birthday hug? I always hated being the center of attention, anyway.

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