Thursday, July 9, 2009


The Fab Five visited Cincinnati 2 weeks ago and I was in attendance, along with a few of my interweb friends.

Because I'm a big dork I decorated a shirt for the occasion (I stopped short of saying "because we're big dorks," I wouldn't want to speak for anyone else, but if the shoe fits....).

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We had lawn seats. It was really freaking hot that day, and it had rained the week before. The wet lawn soaked through the blankets everyone brought to sit on, making it look like everyone had wet their pants from excitement and anticipation. I had never heard of the opening act, Jesse McCartney. I thought it was a girl until I heard the voice. Jabbawokeez also performed before the kids took the stage. I think they're pretty neat to watch.

There was plenty of people watching to do, from the girls who wore things they didn't need to wear to this interesting undergarment sported by some poor guy who had been dragged along by his girlfriend. Do you think she made them just for the concert?

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As if it's not bad enough that he's wearing undies that have his name on them, he's also sagging a pair of khaki pants. I can't believe he left the house looking like that, and I can't believe I just typed the word "sagging" in regard to pants. What, is this 1992?

The concert itself was enjoyable. Not as good as the show in Columbus, but fun nonetheless, mostly because of the company. There was no removal of shirts by any of the guys, and we were sad about that. They also played Popsicle, which freaking rocked. It was an old favorite of mine that lots of so-called NKOTB fans have never heard of.

The seats weren't as good, partly because there were no seats at all, and there was a crazy beeotch in front of me who kept inching backward on her blanket until she stepped on my toes. I asked her to step forward, and she got in my face because she was still on her blanket, blah blah blah. I could have gone Jersey on her ass, but I decided to just move to the other side of the group so I didn't get arrested. Other than that, a fun time was had by all!

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  1. Glad the concert was fun! I LOVED 'Popsicle'!!! Wish I could've seen their summer tour too.



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