Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Here I Am

At work. Daycare has called twice to give me updates on Baby Charlie - so far he's eaten twice and taken a small nap. They said he's been very smiley and interested in checking out the other babies. He's doing a lot of watching so far today. I have the webcam to check on him from work, but I'm embarrassed to admit that I'm not 100% sure the baby I'm looking at is actually Charlie. The screen is pretty small and since they keep the lights low in the young infant room it's kind of hard to see. Maybe tomorrow I'll dress him in something that will really stand out. So far I've done a lot of nothing at work - I have a project on my calendar but there won't be data to look at until Monday.

My co-workers have been great - I came in to "welcome back" signs with pictures of turtles, candy, a pumpkin, and a wire photo hanger for my collection of Charlie pictures. As a bonus, yesterday's donut bringer was out with a sick child so he brought the donuts in today! As a double bonus, my buddy Lynn brought me a NKOTB magazine to read while I pump.

I've survived my first pumping session in the office library. It was a little weird, but manageable. Something's up with my supply though, I didn't get as much as I usually do from my early morning session. I'm hoping it's just stress related and will correct itself tomorrow. Baby Charlie had the second half of his 2-month shots yesterday and didn't do so well with them, so he was up a few times during the night. I really hope I don't have to add another pumping session back in.

I missed my morning nap with Baby Charlie and I miss having MSNBC on in the background. It is nice to be enjoying ESPN radio again, but it's cold outside and I'd rather be at home playing. I'm glad I came back on a Wednesday - a short week is a good way to ease back into things. Even better that it's halloween week! We have a party and a short day on Friday. Whee!

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  1. Hey Jene' you might want to put a hat on him & attach a turtle to the top...I've heard this will make someone really stand out in a crowd!! Love you so much...Mom/Grammy RoRo



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