Thursday, October 23, 2008

Do you miss me?

Don't worry, I go back to work next Wednesday. I'm not really looking forward to it, but one of the positives is that I'll have lots more time to screw around on the interwebs so you'll be getting more than a weekly blog update from me :)

I have a whole list of things I've been wanting to talk about but haven't had the time to say, so you'll have plenty of my babbling to read.

One quick note that you'll probably find amusing - I got my course evaluations from the last class I taught in the spring. Everything was as I had hoped, all good reviews and positive things to say, except for one comment - "Shouldn't curse so much." Damn, I thought I had cut back! Guess I should make more of a concerted effort to watch the language - you know it's bad when your baby starts reacting positively to the F-Word. As soon as the election is over I promise I'll try to do better.


  1. I just about peed my pants. Baby Charlie likes the F word, ahe? I'm sure my baby will too. At the very least they can have something in common. "Mom's who use the F word"

  2. I cracked up about the F word!! I've noticed since I've become pregnant I use it more often and I'm sure my baby will come out saying it.



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